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Our video library features High Definition videos to download and view in 2 different bit rates. The Super HQ quality offers 1280*720 full screen playback at an incredible 3mbps. Alternatively the Standard HQ offers 840*480 playback at 1.5mbps.

Our content is exclusive to Feetseekers because we shoot all material ourselves. We know which girls you want to see, the feet that have that look and the camera angles which offer the best vantage points. So when viewing a Feetseekers video you can expect consistent high quality that always delivers!

Our videos are encoded with the Windows Media 9 Codec (PC and MAC compatible) offering the highest level of compression and the smallest compromise in quality.

Adreena / Heavenly Footjob

Length: 7m14s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

The girl with perhaps the biggest feet in UK foot porn is back, yes it's the delightful Adreena Winters who is blessing us with her presence. We love her new look and if it's possible, her feet look cuter than ever. With a fresh lick toe polish those long toes look fabulous wrapped around our stunk cock. Those size 7 soles dwarf the cock she is working so masterfully and when she slaps cock on her soles it's a sight to behold.

Paige Fox / Ugg Boots

Length: 3m 20s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

Paige fox AKA Monkey Toes is back for some more feet fun. She has been wearing a paif of UGG boots, you know theones, yes those that make feet hot and sweaty. Before she gets to wrapping those talented feet around a cock she is going to treat you to a peak and her silky smooth soles and pretty toes. Really is there anyone of can toe splay like the delightful Paige Fox? Amazing!

Nikki Whiplash / Wank Chat

Length: 6m 28s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

Here is a very rare treat for you, we are extremely privileged to be graced with an appearance by the very wicked Nikki Whiplash. She seldom shoots for other sites so savour and enjoy this scene. Nikki is sporting a pair of fetish heels which she want syou to lick, if you do a good job she will invite you lick her sweaty toes and as a special treat stuff your nose between her toes.