Footjobs Soles Toes & Feet Videos

Our video library features High Definition videos to download and view in 2 different bit rates. The Super HQ quality offers 1280*720 full screen playback at an incredible 3mbps. Alternatively the Standard HQ offers 840*480 playback at 1.5mbps.

Our content is exclusive to Feetseekers because we shoot all material ourselves. We know which girls you want to see, the feet that have that look and the camera angles which offer the best vantage points. So when viewing a Feetseekers video you can expect consistent high quality that always delivers!

Our videos are encoded with the Windows Media 9 Codec (PC and MAC compatible) offering the highest level of compression and the smallest compromise in quality.

Sofie / Creamy Feet

Length: 8m 39s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

Our never ending search for hot girls took us to Ibiza recently where we found Sofie, a drop dead gorgeous hunny who of course has super cute feet. She took us to a hidden and private place, soaked her feet in cream and then sent us crazy as we filmed her rubbing and massaging her perfectly smooth feet. Simply hot, hot hot!

Ayla / Toe Sucking

Length: 9m 9s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

Rebekah and Ayla get together for some mutual foot loving with a difference. Ayla's suppleness allows her to easily suck her own toes which she does, but also WITH Rebekah's toes too at the same time!. She flicks her tongue over and between 10 delicious moist toes making sure she doesn't miss even an inch of her own and Rebekah's sweet scent.

Beatrix / Feet Licking Bathtime

Length: 10m 32s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

After some flirtatious comments were exchanged between Rebekah & Beatrix these two were soon getting down to some sensual foot loving! Rebekah leads the way cleaning between each of Beatrix's pretty pink polished toes. Beatrix returns the favour as Rebekah spreads her toes to ensure she tastes all of her foot juice!