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If you have a question regarding your membership (pre or after sales) or wish to give us feedback on our videos, please email us for a prompt and helpful reply.

Please also see our FAQ's page.

Feetseekers - FAQ's

Q: Feetseekers, what's it all about?
The bottom line is that we understand because we feel the same way too about girl's feet - it drives us nuts! We're incessantly searching for fresh faces who love to show their feet off for you at Feetseekers. We believe in keeping the high quality of images and video consistent and 100% exclusive. Therefore we shoot all of our own material and never buy it in!

Q: What dos a subscription give me?
Membership gets you an Access All Areas pass to Feetseekers, here is exactly what you get for your money:

  • Regular Gallery and Video Updates
  • 100% Original and Exclusive Content
  • Cute Girls and their Feet
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Q: Can I download content
Yes, all content is available for download!

Q: Are there any download limits?
No, a subscription gives you unlimited access and you can download as little or as much as you desire

Q: Is there a minimum subscription
The minimal subscription period is 30 days with absolutely no commitment beyond this period. You can choose between a single payment for 30 days or a rolling subscription options which offer a reduction.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?
If you choose a single 30 day subscription you do not have to do anything. After 30 days your subscription will automatically end. If you choosing a rolling subscription option you can cancel here.

Q: Are my details secure - what about privacy?
Absolutely - that is why we use the leading Adult Payment Processor - CCBill to process payments. We do not store any of your details and as such your privacy is ensured. Payments will appear on your statement as "CCBill" with no indication of the adult nature of the transaction.

Q: Is Feetseekers secure - will my computer become infected with viruses and pop-ups
Our aim is to bring you the finest quality foot fetish material. Therefore we have no interest in infecting your computer with malicious pop-ups and malware. We're aware that there are websites out there which give the adult industry a bad name - mostly those which appear to be offering "free porn". Remember that there is usually a "cost" if something is"'free" and if an offer appears too good to be true - it usually is!

Q: I want to / my girlfriend wants to be a model, can you help?
We're always on the lookout for new models, so please feel free to email any submissions to the usual email address. Please include information such as height, age, shoe size, measurements and some snaps. These do not have to be professionally done - use a camera phone if that's all you have.

Q: Is model x, y or z available for a private session?
Some models are happy to take private session bookings in which you can worship their feet for a set period. We do not faciliate this arrangement but we can put you in touch with models upon request. Our models are mostly UK based.

Q: I'm obssesed with women's feet - is there something wrong with me?
You're simply a foot pervert (just like us!). We begun Feetseekers for this very reason. you have nothing to worry about, just be sure to use Feetseekers on a regular basis for rapid relief!

Q: My question isn't asked here
We're happy to answer any questions or queries you may have which are not covered here. Email us at the usual email address for a prompt reply!