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Our video library features High Definition videos to download and view in 2 different bit rates. The Super HQ quality offers 1280*720 full screen playback at an incredible 3mbps. Alternatively the Standard HQ offers 840*480 playback at 1.5mbps.

Our content is exclusive to Feetseekers because we shoot all material ourselves. We know which girls you want to see, the feet that have that look and the camera angles which offer the best vantage points. So when viewing a Feetseekers video you can expect consistent high quality that always delivers!

Our videos are encoded with the Windows Media 9 Codec (PC and MAC compatible) offering the highest level of compression and the smallest compromise in quality.

Evey Krystal / Footjob 'n Heels (Pt 2)

Length: 7m 46s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

Here is the second part of Evey's revenge video - her boss has been mean and now she is making him pay. Wasting no time she quickly gets her beautiful soles and pretty pink toes wrapped around her bosses cock. She runs the length of her size 6 soles down her boss' cock then finishes him of with some awesome toe jacking! Evey shows just who the real boss is in the office!

Evey Krystal / Footjob 'n Heels (Pt 1)

Length: 11m 53s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

Evey has been doing some temp office work and her boss has been taking advantage with the workload. Today she fights back, wearing red stiletto heels she teases and torments her boss who she has pinned to the bed with her luscious long legs. She removes her heels and force her boss to sniff and worship her stinky feet whilst humiliating him in her native Polish tongue.

Emma Butt / Footjob

Length: 6m 49s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

The volume of emails received suggest Emma has a legion of fans eagerly awaiting this follow-up to her recent debut. So here are her 7 feet working their wanking magic on stiff hard cock. Emma has super long toes and Emma almost loses the cock in the deep cavernous space between her toes. Once her wide soft soles are slipping up and down the shaft she soon has a real mess on her feet!