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Our video library features High Definition videos to download and view in 2 different bit rates. The Super HQ quality offers 1280*720 full screen playback at an incredible 3mbps. Alternatively the Standard HQ offers 840*480 playback at 1.5mbps.

Our content is exclusive to Feetseekers because we shoot all material ourselves. We know which girls you want to see, the feet that have that look and the camera angles which offer the best vantage points. So when viewing a Feetseekers video you can expect consistent high quality that always delivers!

Our videos are encoded with the Windows Media 9 Codec (PC and MAC compatible) offering the highest level of compression and the smallest compromise in quality.

Paige Fox / Monkey Footjob

Length: 6m 31s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

Paige demonstrated why her flexible toes have earned her the well deserved nickname 'Monkey Toes' in Video #38. We couldn't wait to see how Paige would 'handles' a cock with her sumptuous soles and finger-like toes. She travelled to the shoot in a beat up pair of old sneakers wearing no socks so you can imagine how great her feet stunk - not that we were complaining of course!

Paige Fox / Introduing Paige

Length: 6m 53s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

When Paige told us on that she is known as 'Monkey Toes' we were immediately interested. She is a pedidextrous freak - able to use a TV remote, pick things up and make tea with her amazing feet and toes. If she can handle those things - then surley a cock between her soles will be childs play? You'll soon find out, until then here is wank instruction scene introducing Paige...

Ayla / Footjob Queen Return

Length: 5m 59s HQ 3mbps | Standard 1.5mps

You have been begging for Ayla to return and we've been trying for well over a year to get her back - so here she is at last and she's as mean as ever! She effortlessly manipulates cock between her feet like we have not seen before! we love the nonchalance she shows whilst expertly slipping her soles and toes over that cock and the filthy stern accent and dialogue that adds that little extra to her scenes.