Feet Soles & Toes Image Gallery

The Gallery Preview page offers a sample taster of what is to be found in the Members area, where you'll find exclusive high quality photo sets of beautiful girls showing off their hot feet, smooth soles and tasty moist toes.

Feedback received says that you want to see real girls and real feet. So in the Feetseekers gallery you'll find genuine, authentic and all natural shots rather than over-produced air-brushed images which flatter to deceive.

All of our shots are High Quality shot using professional equipment to give you crisp, colourful and vibrant phonographs available in 2 different resolutions to further enhance your viewing experience.

Relaxing On The Sofa / Relaxing On The Sofa

21st Aug 2010 93 images

Since the last time we shot with the delicious Taylor we have made an observation - she probably has the broadest feet of all of the models we have featured to date! Her soft soles are 'tailor' made for some serious face smothering, those size 7's would easily hold an victim down and you just know they'd smell just perfect. Taylor's long toes make it easy for her to spread them far and wide - reaching out inviting an admirer to bury his tongue deep into the crevice between her toes!

Going Out / Going Out

23rd Jul 2010 109 images

Evey first featured last year in a footjob scene when we also shot some stills which we lost when one of our drives crashed. After dreaming about her feet and the lost sets we decided to pay her a visit. Since shooting with us Evey says she's now aware of guys perving on her feet. So she now deliberatly teases perverts like you by dangling her heels when on the train and slipping her feet in and out of her shoes when you won't take your eyes of her feet! So be on the lookout for Evey in public!

Fluffy White Boots / Fluffy White Boots

24th Jun 2010 59 images

Jan B probably has the stinkiest feet of all of the Feetseekers girls, so she probably shouldn't be wearing these fluffy knee high boots! When she removed the boots her sweet smelling feet were difficult to ignore. Jan s sporting a rich red nail polish that sparkles on her delicious toes. Her size 7 feet and soft soles are just crying out to be worshipped, Jan told us that she is more than happy for a guy to work his tongue between her toes. Would anyone like to volunteer?